There are many different parts of the shoulder that may be causing the pain, such as the rotator cuff. See the below picture to get a sense of what the rotator cuff looks like:

Bone Structure with different muscles labeled

Although many people have heard of the rotator cuff, rarely do they know what it looks like. The ‘cuff’ is comprised of four muscles that attach from the shoulder blade to the arm bone. Repetitive overhead activities and when the shoulder or arm is suddenly jerked or strained can cause the tendon to become injured.

If you have hurt your shoulder while participating in sports or at work, it is best to be examined as soon as possible. If the injury is of the rotator cuff, you will want to start your rehabilitation with therapy and exercise to re-strengthen the shoulder and to prevent further re-aggravation.

If you are experiencing generalized shoulder pain, it may also be the result of a rotator cuff injury. A proper orthopaedic assessment by a registered physiotherapist will help to determine whether the shoulder pain is or is not associated with a rotator cuff injury.

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