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TMJ: The potential diagnosis for your headaches, jaw pain, ear pain and/or neck pain.


Signs and Symptoms Headaches (especially in the back of your head or if one-sided) Morning headaches Pain and/or clicking in your jaw Ear pain Fullness of the ear Ringing of the ear Upper neck pain and/or stiffness Dizziness Have you had a motor vehicle accident? If yes, you should be evaluated for TMJ. What is [...]

Rotator Cuff Injuries


There are many different parts of the shoulder that may be causing the pain, such as the rotator cuff. See the below picture to get a sense of what the rotator cuff looks like: Although many people have heard of the rotator cuff, rarely do they know what it looks like. The 'cuff' is comprised [...]

Treatment of Whiplash Injury Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

2018-04-03T15:56:47-04:00Injuries, Pain|

Whiplash injury caused by a motor vehicle accident can usually be very painful, and rather frightening. Common areas of injury are the neck, upper and lower back. If you are experiencing neck soreness or stiffness after a motor vehicle accident, it is common for you to be diagnosed with a ‘Whiplash Associated Disorder’, which simply [...]

Back Pain Treatment


Whether your back pain is extremely painful or is a constant and nagging pain, it can definitely take a toll on you. Whether you are in need of lower back pain treatment and back pain treatment, our physiotherapists and massage therapists can assist you through your recovery. When experiencing back pain, there are a few [...]

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