Whether your back pain is extremely painful or is a constant and nagging pain, it can definitely take a toll on you. Whether you are in need of lower back pain treatment and back pain treatment, our physiotherapists and massage therapists can assist you through your recovery.

When experiencing back pain, there are a few things you should be aware of:
– Back pain is common
– Back attacks can be extremely painful
– Serious damage is uncommon
– Bed rest and resting for more than a couple of days can prolong your pain and recovery period
– Your back requires movements to remain healthy, so returning to your everyday activities are important to getting your back to a healthy state
– Spinal damage is very difficulty
– Even if your pain is quite severe, ‘pinched nerves’ and ‘slipped discs’ are fairly rare

There are techniques used by registered physiotherapists that have shown to be quite effective with back pain. These techniques include:
– Manipulation/mobilization
– Stabilization exercises
– Repeated movements

– Don’t rest to get better – be proactive and get moving
– Make an initial assessment with a registered physiotherapist in order to determine a proper treatment plan that works for you in order to get your back to a healthy state
– Sometimes minimal therapy sessions are necessary to get your back on track
– A physiotherapist will help to determine just how much activity and movement is right for you

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If you are suffering from back pain or have back pain injuries contact us today to to setup an assessment appointment with one of our back specialists.