Whiplash injury caused by a motor vehicle accident can usually be very painful, and rather frightening. Common areas of injury are the neck, upper and lower back. If you are experiencing neck soreness or stiffness after a motor vehicle accident, it is common for you to be diagnosed with a ‘Whiplash Associated Disorder’, which simply means that your neck pain is due to rapid acceleration-deceleration motion. The action of acceleration is often in one direction, with deceleration following as your body attempts to slow down the neck and head movement. The airbag in your vehicle could also cause the deceleration.

Booking an orthopaedic assessment for whiplash after your motor vehicle accident is very important. Even if you are only experiencing slight neck soreness of stiffness, it is always better to have it checked. During the assessment, the physiotherapist will examine your neck injury or area of pain to make sure nothing is seriously wrong, and if anything requires urgent medical care, your family physician will be contacted right away. After a diagnosis is made regarding what is happening to either your neck or back, a treatment plan will be set up for you to educate you on what movements are good and bad to do. Hands-on techniques and exercises will also be provided to you in order to get your back and neck working properly again.

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